Labor's Restoring Territory Rights Bill has passed the Parliament.

That means we’ve ended 25 years of discrimination.

And it means every Australian, regardless of whether they live in a state or territory, now has the same democratic rights.

As Chief Minister I campaigned for it, as your Senator I fought for it, and now with a Federal Labor Government, we’ve delivered it.


Senator for the ACT

Minister for Finance, Women & the Public Service



2011 - 14.

Chief Minister

As Chief Minister, I campaigned to see territory rights restored, keeping the issue on the agenda and pushing the Federal Government to act.



2015 - 21.

The Senate

As your ACT Senator, I fought to make it happen, from my very first speech calling for equal democratic rights for Canberrans to supporting and co-sponsoring three Territory Rights Bills from Opposition.




Labor's commitment

Over 3, 000 Canberrans signed my petition to support territory rights, and the Federal Labor Party committed to prioritising a vote on territory rights if we won the 2022 election.




Delivering for Canberrans

In the very first sitting fortnight of the new Parliament, my Labor colleagues Alicia Payne and Luke Gosling introduced the Restoring Territory Rights Bill 2022 into the House - and it passed with an overwhelming majority.

In the months that followed, I worked relentlessly with my Senate colleagues to build support for territory rights, continuing to progress the debate in every sitting.

On December 1st, Labor's Bill passed the Senate - ending 25 years of discrimination.